Who are 4EI?

4EI use space data for the betterment of humans and the planet, through Applied Earth Intelligence. We commit to transforming geospatial data into actionable insight about our Earth through the delivery of innovative data solutions.

As experts in Earth Observation, GIS and remote sensing analytics, we aim to apply our diverse knowledge to delivering objective, timely and reliable Earth Intelligence data that truly empowers decision makers to lead more sustainable and more informed business activities.

About us

What 4EI can do

We gather evidence-based intelligence about every corner of the Earth, natural or man-made, to help guide strategic action. Using a broad scope of satellite imagery, we can monitor, measure and analyse even the most inaccessible landscapes and regions to gain data that will add value to your project. Our sophisticated data collection methods allow organisations to discover trusted, transparent and repeatable intelligence in a more cost-effective and secure way.

We deliver a range of services, from bespoke data solutions for particularly unique challenges, to off-the-shelf data products that contain ready-to-deploy intelligence. Whatever your needs, 4EI can deliver the right information, in the right format, to plug your critical data gaps.

What we do

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