Our team is a vibrant tapestry of cultures, a mosaic woven together by over 15 nationalities. Fueled by the boundless inspiration drawn from our worldwide clientele and projects, our experts stand prepared to weave their scientific expertise and distinctive skills into the fabric of unparalleled solutions. With the world as our canvas, we paint a future where diversity is our strength, and innovation knows no bounds.

  • David Critchley


    Meet David, the big boss at 4EI. He's not just the Founder but also the CEO. David's got loads of experience in geospatial and space projects all over the MENA region. He's the one leading the charge on our new business ventures and playing a key role in making our commercial projects happen.

  • Jonathan Hendry


    Say hi to Jonny, our Chief Technology Guru! He's the brain behind all our AI solutions and the mastermind behind our cloud-first IT strategy at 4EI. Plus, he's the go-to guy for governments and companies, helping them create their geospatial and satellite solutions with all-inclusive hardware and software for top-notch performance.

  • Fiona Pattinson

    Head of Talent

    Fiona is our Talent Whisperer! She's the one on the lookout for fresh talent, helping them blossom and thrive here at 4EI. Fiona's all about creating a workplace where everyone is happy and productive, making sure it's a win-win for all of us.

  • Adla Khalaf

    Head of Project Management

    Dr. Adla, our Water Wizard with a Ph.D. in Water Resources Management and a knack for remote sensing and GIS. She is your go-to for all things tech and policy in environmental and natural resource projects.

  • Azmat Ali

    Head of Operations

    Azmat ensures 4EI’s smooth operations, like a well-oiled machine. He bonds our internal teams and clients, talking especially to government bodies. He is a Ph.D. scholar and has M.Sc. degrees and 18 years of expertise in RS/GIS and AI/ML.

  • Kanchana Bandaranayake

    Satellite Imagery Manager

    Kanchana is the Satellite Image Pro on our team, with over 15 years of Remote Sensing and GIS know-how. She's the one who finds us the perfect satellite images for our projects, making sure they're cost-effective and tech-savvy.