• Abdulla Alkaabi


    Abdulla has held positions as senior executive and non-executive roles at companies ranging from SMEs to multi-national organisations such as PwC. As Advisor, he is very well placed to provide the 4EI team with strategic advice in innovative technology

  • Chris Burnett


    As COO, Chris is in charge of the day-to-day operations at 4EI. Chris is also an expert in geospatial consultancy within the engineering sector.

  • Mariam Crichton

    Group Managing Director

    As Group Managing Director, Mariam provides organisational leadership as well as heading up the 4EI Product Innovation Hub and directing the marketing team.

  • David Critchley


    David is the Founder and CEO of 4EI. With extensive experience in geospatial and space projects throughout the MENA region, David heads up the new business activities and is closely involved in shaping commercial projects.

  • Richard Flemmings


    As CTO and partner of 4EI, Richard leads technological innovation, providing expert advice on space data solutions.

  • David Hamersley

    Head of Geospatial

    As Head of Geospatial, David keeps 4EI up to date with cutting-edge remote sensing and geospatial R&D and works closely with the commercial team on technical strategy for commercial project solutions.

  • Jonathan Hendry

    Head of Project Management

    As Head of Project Management, Jonny leads the project management team for all programs and projects that build the 4EI portfolio of commercial successes and world-class, ever-growing R&D capabilities.

  • Steve Keohane

    Non-Executive Director

    Steve is a Non-Executive Director sitting on the 4EI Board. Steve provides independent business-growth advice to the leadership team across many industry verticals, including financial services, manufacturing, technology and energy.

  • Fiona Pattinson

    Head of Talent

    As Head of Talent, Fiona finds, nurtures and grows 4EI talent, promoting a working environment that enables staff to work happily and productively to the benefit of all.

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