Barrier #3: Answering the ‘Why’ [blog series]

26th يوليو 2021

[Recap: Our last blog was all about the “‘Product’ paucity” barrier to data democratisation and how hiring a project manager outside your sector could break down this blocker.]

The earth observation field is highly competitive. There are too many companies all vying for the same business (sometimes with the same solution) and there isn’t enough to go around.

What people don’t seem to realise is that there is money to be made in commoditising space data. Taking this route makes data more accessible to a wider range of sectors – opening the door to unpenetrated markets.

Product represents a business model that everyone in the EO space can benefit from. At the root of it, productization is equivalent to democratising data. It gives all players in the sector room to grow and the opportunities to get there.

This idea may seem unattractive to some because it calls for companies to set aside their ego and take on a more collaborative mindset. But truly it means we can all succeed without stepping on one another’s toes.

How 4EI do it

I’d say that being a female leader means I’m much more open to collaboration. In fact, not just open, but I value it more than competition. I believe productization is a huge opportunity for us to expand the whole sector and collectively reap the reward.

From financial sustainability to ESG, I’m working with companies outside of our sector’s ‘usual’ list of suspects and they’re excited by what EO has to offer.

New, younger leaders are leading this charge – commoditisation, democratisation and productization – and I want to see more of it.

My final blog of the series will come out tomorrow. For our final update, I’ll outline how disparate communication strategies get in the way of data democratisation.

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by Mariam Crichton

As Group Managing Director, Mariam provides organisational leadership as well as heading up the 4EI Product Innovation Hub.

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