4EI Engineering & Infrastructure

In-depth reconnaissance data from a wide range of sources supports engineering consultants to access cost-effective geographical and asset intelligence, so they can target their next steps of activity. We can provide holistic data, as well as intelligent analysis, that directly supports master planning for engineering projects and infrastructure development.

We use satellite imagery spanning the globe and decades of historical data to provide a deep understanding of landscape and infrastructure development. The insight we deliver can inform infrastructure projects from start to finish, including engineering and construction planning, compliance for infrastructure development, and retrospective or forward-looking impact assessments.

Producing at-a-glance insights about critical terrains, our solutions provide improved impact and situational awareness about engineering activity on land and in marine locations. Organisations are empowered with the information they need to make more sustainable decisions and reduce project risk.

Our Engineering solutions

4EI provide informed asset development, monitoring and management consultancy for large-scale infrastructures, including oil and gas pipelines, coastal ports, commercial developments and more. We can support you with whatever insights you need, before, during and after development, to ensure your assets are sustainable, secure and compliant. We offer a variety of services from advanced planning, to monitoring the evolution of development, to retrospective analysis.

Our remote capabilities power intelligence solutions that are affordable, reliable and applicable, allowing you to monitor your project with confidence. Especially during global projects, 4EI gather transparent and repeatable information to help you meet your infrastructure requirements with ease.

Our expertise allows us to design and support specific solutions and offer niche capabilities for engineering consultants; using our Earth Intelligence, we generate algorithms and workflows based around the relevant data.

Topographic land mapping

4EI provide satellite-derived Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) to enhance site-specific understanding. We can create land-use, habitat and vegetation mapping, even for inaccessible and hostile environments. 4EI consult on specific topographic challenges, such as earth excavation for road building and deviation in surface height implications for construction planning.

Satellite imagery sales

We work with you on niche intelligence capabilities to support your existing mapping capability, including the provision of satellite imagery for your Area of Interest (AoI). 4EI provide unbiased advice regarding the most suitable imagery to support your project requirements.

Marine environments

4EI provide satellite-derived mapping of shallow and coastal waters to gain intelligence for coastal engineering projects, including oil and gas exploration, conservation and habitat monitoring, and infrastructure development, such as harbours, ports and tourist resorts. We deliver underwater habitat classification for seafloors up to a depth of 20m, supporting environmental impact assessments through the identification and monitoring of marine life.

We use satellite-based Water Quality Monitoring to measure the amount of sediment in the water over time, and correlate this with dredging activity in a marine area to understand the impact of that work.

3D city modelling

We help partners visualise what a city looks like now, or what it could look like in the future, to thoroughly inform urban planning processes. Where aerial imagery isn’t readily available, we can use space data to quickly and cost-effectively build LOD1 and LOD2 models, providing a carbon neutral solution and reducing your reliance on operational logistics.

Change detection analysis

Baseline modelling and impact can also be applied retrospectively – by calling up archived satellite imagery to extract historical data (from as far back as 1984) to model change, we can chart environmental impact as development has progressed to date. This can inform future sustainability actions and the planning of further development.

For organisations looking at location, density and index creation for health and species monitoring, threats and survival rates can be produced on a regular basis. Scans can be done quickly and cost-effectively, and with repeatable analysis to constantly map change.

Development construction monitoring

If you need to monitor construction of assets, whether for regulatory compliance, project decision making or progress evaluation, we can provide at-a-glance status modelling of large-scale construction projects, from foundation to completion.

Ground deformation

Synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) has many applications, and allows for millimetre-level precision of elevation. It is a powerful tool used to monitor subsidence and ground deformation over time to support complex engineering projects, as well as to monitor existing assets. 4EI have access to multiple sources of SAR imagery.