Sophisticated intelligence at speed, with ease and at scale

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models help solve large, complex or time-consuming challenges in a simplified way. From automated data exploration to real-time analysis, AI and ML techniques will streamline your data operations and ease your human resource burdens.

These intelligent capabilities provide a platform that is essential for tackling projects involving vast amounts of data. Compared to time-consuming manual processes, using ML and AI models eases the burden on analyst teams and improves results.

Organisations can gain insights exponentially faster, using fewer resources and at less cost. In addition, these capabilities can often find valuable links and patterns that would otherwise be overlooked.

We help organisations devise AI and ML strategies for their specific project needs, creating repeatable data-gathering, monitoring and analysis processes that deliver consistent results. We collaborate with partners to support applied R&D, working to create innovative analytics solutions to solve a unique and evolving range of problems in reaction to market needs.

Our capabilities

Our AI and ML solutions provide organisations with more repeatable, standardised and credible processes for data-intensive tasks. 4EI help build custom capabilities that exploit automation, near real-time processing and advanced analytics. We take the time to train unique models based on your project requirements and ambitions.
We use AI and ML techniques to analyse data gained from satellite imagery to extract timely and applicable insights for clients. Supported by decades of expertise, we can ensure that you get the most value and greatest insights from your data, your time and your resources.

Image classification

AI and ML models can analyse satellite imagery to classify important Earth data much more efficiently than traditional methods. These capabilities can be applied to map critical environments, such as ecological habitats, reliably; to detect key metrics, such as human land use; and to categorise large or specific geographical areas. Through the re-application of these techniques, differences in land cover and usage can be identified, allowing changes to be tracked and monitored over time.

Object detection

AI and ML can be trained to search satellite imagery to identify and count specific objects, such as cars and ships, or activity and change, such as port arrivals and energy usage. This, in turn, can be used to derive insights such as city-wide pollution models, or monitoring competitor activity. This not only allows organisations to search a wide range of imagery and geographies at speed, but as it is performed remotely you can gain intelligence without any physical on-site resource.

Data fusion

We use multiple types of data sets from a variety of sources and vendors to employ our data fusion techniques, enabling the creation of complete data sets. We take a completely agnostic approach to ensure we use the most appropriate information in any intelligent modelling or data analysis we provide.


Our AI and ML processes ensure complete security and privacy for your data. Our capabilities are built and delivered with sensitivity in mind, only outputting simple usage analytics without any additional information or context about the application.

Our process

We thoroughly evaluate what input and training data we use so that we can build the most effective models possible to meet your requirements.

First, we gather the available data and identify what needs to be done to appropriately enhance this for your use case.

We then use this data to train your model, repeating the data analysis stages until they are application-ready.

Depending on your needs, we can continue to train and improve your models, allow them to train organically, or deliver them as a standard solution.