Digital data solutions help organisations to more accessibly transform their data into actionable insights by providing tools to improve the management, analysis and visualisation of data. 4EI are digital and software experts – we support organisations to overcome critical data challenges using sophisticated digital tools. The efficiency of our digital tools enables organisations to increase data value, while alleviating the burden on Human Resources, reducing costs and streamlining your workflows.

Our digital service is flexible, with the ability to build a range of software platforms, portals and digital capabilities for different use cases, from data management and collection tools, to intelligent information analysis and visualisation platforms. Our team’s diverse knowledge allows us to provide honest and agnostic advice about the technology and digital infrastructure that best fits your internal processes, user skills and data requirements.

Our capabilities

4EI are technically skilled at building robust data management, analytics and visualisation platforms. We can create efficient software solutions that present and deliver your data in the most suitable manner, including APIs, web or mobile applications, geoportals and much more. All our software tools are backed by sophisticated digital capabilities to deliver powerful, yet easy-to-use, features.

Our team uses both validated digital methods and the latest innovative techniques – including data fusion, automation, and Artificial Intelligence – to effectively approach a variety of complex challenges. With technical expertise and decades of experience, we can deliver off-the-shelf digital capabilities or build custom solutions to support your teams to deliver projects more efficiently.

Mobile & Software AI and Machine Learning

Digital expertise features:

  • Available in multiple languages
  • Results displayed from automated object detection
  • Interactive geospatial visualisation and mapping options
  • Database creation and management
  • iOS, Android & Desktop cross-platform solutions
  • Real-time displays
  • Robust privacy and security features
  • Cloud and on-premise solutions
  • User Experience (UX) design
  • Comprehensive data fusion
  • Automated image classification
  • End-to-end project life cycle

    Our teams work closely with clients from the beginning of a project to the final stages of development. We help to evaluate what data you need for your use case and define your digital requirements accordingly, including how the final output will be mapped. This allows us to provide the most appropriate solution for your needs.

  • Data structuring

    4EI have extensive experience with building, structuring and managing databases. We’ll design databases and data management to align with specific projects, ensuring data is in the right format, organised appropriately and has the correct access settings, to mitigate any query, processing or input challenges.

  • Multilingual solutions

    4EI work with companies based all over the world and can adapt any of the digital solutions we provide to accommodate your language criteria, ensuring you receive data analysis in the most appropriate, accessible, transferable and understandable output.

  • Digital training

    Once we’ve delivered a solution, our teams will work with your staff to train them to use the relevant software or capabilities as effectively as possible. This ensures smoother implementation into your processes and more successful adoption within your internal teams, leading to clients gaining more value from their data resources.

  • Strategic consultancy

    For clients that require a more comprehensive and integrated digital service, 4EI provide strategic consultancy work for a range of organisations and sectors. Our experts can holistically build and implement organisation- or project-wide data strategies that work to embed a long-term culture and infrastructure that supports digital development. For example, we’ve delivered robust AI strategies for clients that involved understanding their initial capabilities, defining their goals and building an applied road map for their AI development, alongside practical support and training from our team.

Our approach

4EI take a customer-led approach throughout the complete life cycle of digital development. Guiding clients through discovery and development stages, we collaboratively define the challenges that need addressing and the functional requirements of the desired solution. We take time to deeply understand client needs, goals and project parameters during these stages so we can build the most applicable solution for your project.

We have the flexibility to work with a range of established methods and software tools, such as Esri, or utilise open-source platforms, with every solution or capability undergoing rigorous quality control to meet the highest standards.