Why remote sensing and Earth Observation?

Remote sensing and Earth Observation (EO) data provide an unbiased, uninterrupted and borderless view of human activities and natural processes. Powered by data collected from diverse satellite systems, organisations can gain digital information and insight to guide targeted actions about any corner of the earth.

Insights gathered from remote sensing and EO can deliver greater transparency, clarity and context on a repeatable basis to support and enhance traditional ground survey data. The captured insight can be displayed in a usable format providing visible evidence without complexity to aid strategic decision making.

Using a remote platform to make Earth Observation solutions allows you to monitor dangerous environments and previously inaccessible areas without putting your work force at risk, while also reducing the environmental impacts of some traditional surveying methods.

Our capabilities

4EI offer end-to-end technical expertise, with a team that includes expertise in software development, user experience and user interface, machine-learning and data processing (statistical and analytics).

We can process and analyse data (both current and historical) on anything from site size to national scale, with the ability to make data easily understandable and applicable for our customers and partners.

From imagery gathering to data delivery and training, we offer a wide range of technical expertise on remote sensing and EO intelligence in one place. Our experienced team helps fill knowledge gaps and enhance insight for application at scale. Using innovative techniques to collect, fuse and analyse Earth Observation data, we’ll deliver intelligence that can be directly applied to your specific challenge in an easy-to-understand way.

  • Bespoke product creation

    4EI help organisations gain the knowledge they need through bespoke data product and solution creation. From analysis to training, we have the end-to-end, adaptable expertise to help you in your journey and best accommodate your specific needs. Built on our extensive CV, our team specialise in understanding your business case and working with you to craft a solution powered by a variety of different types of space data.

  • Understandable visualisation

    We present results in an understandable way to make complex information and insights more accessible. Whether your priority is local or global, aesthetic or scientific, straightforward or complex, we work with you to deliver information at the level of detail and in the format you require.

  • Added analysis and intelligence

    We ensure that any data collected matches our clients' needs and meets rigorous quality criteria. From here we perform additional analysis using innovative approaches and leveraging the power of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). We are also able to produce reliable, value-added layers that can be used within your own GIS for further analysis and operational insight.

  • Unbiased data fusion

    4EI take a sensor agnostic approach to ensure that the right data is used for your challenge. Our expertise in remote sensing allows us to engage a wide range of data providers on your behalf to provide the most appropriate solution. In addition, we can fuse data from a variety of different sources to provide a more complete or bespoke solution. By combining remote Earth Observation with collateral datasets, such as population data, it becomes possible to derive new insights.

  • Training support

    Our experts will work closely with you to make sure your team has the tools and data resources you need to effectively use 4EI solutions and gain the most value possible. Our support does not end with a project closing, we are able to provide capacity sessions and keep you up to date with new innovative solutions as they hit the market.

  • Detailed reporting

    We can provide comprehensive reporting of results, tailored to the level of detail and insight you need.


Remote sensing and EO are smarter, safer and more affordable intelligence-gathering methods that can be applied to a range of use cases, empowering thorough reconnaissance, monitoring and evaluation of assets and projects on any area of Earth. Performing data collection and analysis in a way that doesn’t require physical, on-site resources is increasingly necessary to deliver projects and support development in a sustainable and future-proofed manner.

Satellite data allows organisations to properly evidence regulatory alignment, compliance and governance through the application of in-depth trend analysis, time series comparisons, change assessments and more.

Our expertise in remote sensing intelligence has supported product solutions, consultancy and training to government and environmental agencies, as well as to oil and gas companies and engineering organisations working in the mining and tourism-specific construction sectors.

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