Mapping satellite data for Earth Intelligence

Presenting information through geospatial mapping turns complex data into applied intelligence. Visualising data on a geographical map adds powerful context to even the most unfamiliar datasets, creating a clear pathway to actionable insights for any project.

Geospatial maps display all available intelligence – including different data types and different time periods – around a specified location or landscape. Delivering data in this way can uncover critical patterns, such as behavioural trends, change over time, or anomaly detection, and can even reveal valuable intelligence that would go undetected using other methods.

Types of geospatial mapping

4EI can provide a vast and diverse range of geospatial mapping services, including:

  • Topographic Mapping
  • Land Use Land Cover (LULC) Mapping
  • Soil Mapping
  • Habitat and Ecological Mapping and Classification
  • Terrain Mapping
  • Marine Environment Mapping (Seabed and Benthic)
  • Cartographic Mapping and Design
  • Air Quality Mapping
  • Heat Mapping
  • Social, Economic and Political Mapping

We have the experience and expertise to develop innovative mapping solutions for unique challenges on regional to national scales. Our borderless solutions remove the need for expensive permits, providing a faster and more cost-effective solution to traditional surveying methods. We work with you to identify your specific requirements, which is then tailored to your budgets and needs.

Partners & projects

4EI have decades of experience building, delivering and customising geospatial mapping solutions. Our expertise in this area spans all of our work and has been applied within many regions, markets and diverse projects, and for all our partners.

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