Mobile apps and web portals

Digital data platforms help bridge the gap between data, insight and application. 4EI have the software and mobile capability to visualise spatial data; with a user-friendly environment to explore and interact with a range of different data, users of all experience levels can uncover valuable intelligence that suits their needs.

Our purpose-built software solutions give organisations complete control over how they store, view and use their data. From privacy settings to devices, everything can be customised to give you the exact experience and output you require.

Our capabilities

4EI use the latest software tools to build you the most appropriate and effective solution for your data. Our range of platform capabilities are designed to deliver data to clients in an easily understandable, accessible and efficient way.

All of our tools benefit from seamless automation and high levels of usability – with results being displayed in real time and in the right format for your needs. We have developed everything from mobile apps to private portals and browser interfaces.

With an experienced development team, we have the flexibility to develop solutions using a variety of software, infrastructures and capabilities. Our expertise in managing, mapping and visualising geospatial data means we are well positioned to design interfaces for geospatial information.

We create custom tools for our clients that align with specific data and delivery requirements. Whether you need end-to-end collection, analysis and visualisation capabilities, or a specialised solution, we’ll help you interact with your data in a more meaningful and engaging way.

  • Privacy requirements

    4EI can establish the privacy settings you require for your project. This involves end-to-end customisation in alignment with your requests, including public or private settings, establishing administrative privileges, implementing appropriate security policies, and more. No matter what platform we create your solution on, or how you need to use and share the data, we can ensure your needs are met.

  • Complete interactivity

    We build and accommodate interactive data experiences for our clients. For example, using geospatial mapping visualisations, we give users the ability to intuitively navigate through geolocated data to view the exact data they require, in context. Users have the choice to drive their activities – from data input to visualisation and reporting – and have complete control over all functionality.

  • Platform delivery

    4EI can work with any digital platform you need, including iOS, android and desktop software applications. We have the ability to work with different infrastructures and can build cloud or on-premise solutions. Clients also have the freedom to choose whether they want to acquire and input their own data or use data supplied by 4EI.

  • Reporting mechanisms

    We have the ability to integrate simple reporting mechanisms tailored to your solution. Users can use this capability to extract the most critical insights and translate the most complex data into an understandable format – all simplified into an easily accessible report.

  • Industry-standard software

    Our teams have extensive experience working with widely used industry-standard packages. We have access to Esri tools as well as open-source software. This allows us the versatility to create a solution that will integrate seamlessly with the systems you have in place.

Customer-driven development

Throughout our agile development process, we put our customers’ project and technical requirements first. We take time to understand what each client wants and how their internal processes work so the client can shape key decisions, such as the interface and navigation design. Our primary aim in all our mobile and software work is to maximise user experience so our clients can get the most value from their tools.

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We can create custom data solutions that help you visualise your data for maximum insight. Contact us today to talk about our mobile and software capabilities.