City HEAT- Bristol City Council

Surface heat temperature data

Bristol City Council declared a climate emergency in November, the first declared in the UK. It was awarded the European Green Capital in 2015 for its high environmental standards and commitment to further improvement and sustainability. 

They approached us in 2019 to help them understand the significant and potentially deadly issues arising from urban heat effects.


We worked closely with sustainability representatives at the Council to develop a cost-effective solution to identify areas from space where urban heat islands are could present a hazard. This data will be used to inform decision making for effective resource planning with the aim to calculate and reduce the risk of harm.

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A map of Surface temperature 

The Urban Heat Map was achieved through our use of cutting-edge machine learning to create automated algorithms and workflows, alongside satellite-derived (Earth Observation) imagery.


This data allowed 4EI to measure land surface temperature and map infrastructure. This led to the identification of both seasonal and consistent hotspots to determine areas of high risk. 


The Council is now able to feed this data into multiple systems to help plan, resource and mitigate for the adverse effect heat may have on the city. It can also influence future policymaking and funding. 

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An understanding of heat impact 

  • The delivery of consistent data shaped to meet user needs and answer specific planning and policy questions - especially around strategic planning, community resilience, neighbourhood planning, asset management, protection of vulnerable people and retrofitting programmes;


  • The data has increased and influenced conversations across multiple agencies in Bristol outside of the Council;  


  • The data is a valuable engagement tool, translating complex hazards into digestible and accessible information for the non expert user and public.