Habitat and land use

How We Help

Satellite data can provide intelligence about habitat, vegetation health and show change at very regular intervals.

And we can do the same with land use and urban creep.

The satellite data generated is objective, consistent and repeatable, meaning the use of our data protects anyone from the accusation of greenwashing.

Our data quality is borne from award-winning habitat and land-use projects, find out more here.

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Change detection

  • ​Once a baseline dataset is created we can detect and monitor change across any region or habitat to determine health or spread

  • Understand the link policies and land use change

  • Comply with planning policies

  • Comply with CSR policies

  • Alert employees/stakeholders/customers/public

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Superior quality

  • Land use and habitat classifications based on CORINE systems

  • Can be repeated at a high temporal resolution, e.g. 2 week cycles to enable notification of any change for highly sensitive areas

  • Can be provided as change only data feeds for altering

  • Can be provided as a risk index highlighting the areas most vulnerable to change

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