Discover how Habitat Mapping empowered sustainable growth for Abu Dhabi.

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Understand natural assets at a regional scale with Habitat Mapping

The ability to preserve our natural environments is essential and beneficial. As urbanisation encroaches upon more land and climate change continues to impact the earth’s resources, the downstream effects on business, economies, and people, will worsen.

Habitat Mapping helps us strategically monitor critical environments in order to guide environmental preservation, conservation, and regeneration activities and inform sustainability targets, for the benefit of national and international development.

Powered by satellite data

Our Habitat Mapping work is informed by data gathered from satellite imagery. This gives us the ability to uncover previously unknown information and access remote or inhospitable locations, for complete habitat intelligence.

Using the most cutting-edge technology, we fill in critical data gaps about a country’s ecology and biodiversity and how the state of these resources has changed over time.

  • Cost-effective

  • Country-wide scale

  • Safe and sustainable

  • Highly detailed

  • Transparent and repeatable

  • Accessible intelligence

  • Reduced resource requirements

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