Land-Abu Dhabi Emirate Habitat Map

How We Helped

Satellite data can provide intelligence about habitat, vegetation health and show change at very regular intervals.

In 2014 we created a Very High-Resolution habitat map using WorldView-2, 8-band, multi-spectral satellite images. The project has formed a geo-spatial baseline for EAD to design its future planning and decision making for years to come.
The project covers both the marine and terrestrial environments of the entire Abu Dhabi emirate. Using cutting-edge processing techniques, a 1:10,000 scale baseline habitat map was produced. The output depicts the Abu Dhabi landmass in 41 different terrestrial habitat categories and the sea in 12 different marine habitat categories.

We are repeating the mapping in 2020 to enable change to be detected and analyzed.

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Abu Dhabi Emirate Habitat Map

Highly detailed (1:10,000 map scale)


41 terrestrial habitat classifications


12 marine habitat classifications


Award winning 2 year project

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Project outputs include an ESRI GeoDatabase containing marine and terrestrial habitat, land use and land cover layers; hard-copy maps; a knowledge transfer and training program; and a 50cm ortho-photo mosaic. All deliverables were carefully designed to fit seamlessly into EAD’s geospatial portal.

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