4EI announces New UAE Managing Director, Allyson Jenkins

9th December 2020

The UAE is fast becoming one the world’s leading nations for investing in space assets. As a result of this, 4EI – an Applied Earth Intelligence expert – is experiencing unprecedented growth within the region, with exciting new opportunities using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence powered by space.

Ambitious expansion plans at 4EI, designed to meet market expectations and requirements going forward, has led to the appointment of a new Managing Director in the UAE, Allyson Jenkins, whose expertise in the industry promises to strengthen their presence in the fast-growing region.

Globally, organisations are realising the potential of space-based solutions, which create benefits for a whole host of company activities, including helping to advance operational and financial objectives.

4EI are transforming the way organisations uncover insight, delivering evidence-based intelligence powered by space. They commit to making sense of data collected from space for the benefit of decision makers, using Earth Intelligence to create actionable insight for transparent, data-led strategic solutions. The UAE headquarters will work towards their shared global vision to use space data for the betterment of humans and the planet.

Allyson is recognised as one of the leading remote sensing experts in the Middle East, making her the obvious choice to lead the 4EI vision within the UAE. Her new role as Managing Director allows Allyson to apply her strengths to support Middle Eastern organisations to achieve their strategic objectives for innovation in a range of domains, from environmental sustainability to critical infrastructure mapping and monitoring.

“Clients here are at the beginning of their geospatial endeavours, so we’re often starting with a blank slate, innovating to build Applied Earth Intelligence solutions for a diverse range of clients with different needs. My number one goal is for 4EI to be the go-to provider for companies starting out on their GEOINT journey,” Jenkins says. “There’s a real sense of possibility in the space sector, with the UAE showing a commitment to space exploration and investment.”

4EI pride themselves on the diverse and inclusive nature of their company, with their global leadership team being 40% female. They hope the industry continues to grow in this nature, and plan to maintain diversity as a focus for their own values.

Jenkins’ background in defence, the market at the vanguard of geospatial innovation, makes her uniquely placed to apply cutting-edge geospatial solutions to a range of other markets and challenges. Her previous experience includes 13 years showcasing and developing her remote sensing and Artificial Intelligence expertise globally, five years of which have been spent within the UAE, giving her a strong combination of geospatial and AI expertise.

by 4EI

4EI provide Applied Earth Intelligence and analytics. We gather evidence-based intelligence about the earth, using data collected through sophisticated space assets.

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