4EI appoints new Regional Sales Director as part of its ambitious expansion plan, increasing its presence within The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

23rd July 2021

Countries throughout The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are fast becoming some of the world’s leading nations for investing in space assets. As a result of this, 4EI is experiencing unprecedented growth within the region, with exciting new opportunities using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence powered by space.

4EI is currently undertaking its ambitious expansion plan designed to meet market expectations and requirements, leading to the appointment of a new Regional Sales Director dedicated to the MENA, Mazen El Bizri. His expertise in the industry promises to strengthen their presence throughout the region.

Mazen’s background of providing customer focused innovative solutions to achieve goals through digital and operational transformation and his expertise in understanding business challenges throughout the MENA region made him ideal to join 4EI’s UAE HQ. With 20+ years of experience in sales management and strategic business development in Banking, IT, Security & Defence and GIS/Geospatial domains, Mazen has helped a variety of organisations grow including Ordnance Survey International and Bayanat for Mapping & Surveying Services LLC. Mazen has a natural talent for tapping into the potential of the MENA region by building trusted, long-term client partnerships. 

“There has been tremendous efforts by governments throughout the MENA region to develop the geospatial community and investments are being made to inject more GIS capabilities into every individual, not only corporate and government level. Geospatial data has already taken a big part of our life, examples of uses are navigation, booking, traveling, shopping etc.. There is more and more emphasis on the GIS and this creates a challenge between organizations to compete into more creativity. This is aligned with 4EI’s innovative vision” says Mazen. “The MENA region is unique in its development and challenges and therefore requires remote sensing and earth observation to monitor and continue its thriving development.”

“I have known 4EI for quite some time and what attracted me to join 4EI is how flexible and dynamic the  business culture is. Thinking out of the box always with creative ideas and investing into technology and innovation.”

by Beth Wright

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