4EI CTO Richard Flemmings joins Association for Geographic Information Council

21st December 2021

Established in 1990, the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) is a membership organisation and community made up of individual and corporate members who use and benefit from geographic information.

The AGI Council is formed from elected members of the AGI, and its main role is to set the strategic direction for the organisation. All Council members are also appointed as company directors of the AGI.

4EI CTO Richard Flemmings was recently elected to join the Council for a three-year term. Council members are elected by the entire AGI membership, except for the regional representatives of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, who are elected only by those members whose main contact address is in that region.

Richard Flemmings commented: “I’m relishing the opportunity to get involved in the wider geospatial community through AGI Council membership. AGI plays a critical role in expanding the reach of geospatial data and services, which aligns closely with the mission of 4EI”.

by 4EI

4EI provide Applied Earth Intelligence and analytics. We gather evidence-based intelligence about the earth, using data collected through sophisticated space assets.

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