Barrier #4: Disparate Communication Strategies [blog series]

29th July 2021

[Recap: The last blog was the 4th in our data democratisation series, outlining how “answering the ‘why’” behind product approaches to data can often stop people from taking the leap.]

This is one of the biggest barriers stopping the geospatial and space sector from entering the product domain.

Decision-makers need to be able to understand several core questions; 

  1. What is the application?
  2. What are the business benefits?
  3. How will this make my job easier?

Instead, our sector leaders are pitching their work all wrong. They’re using technical jargon, skirting around the business element and not answering these core issues.

We need to be able to put our technical knowledge aside at times, to instead speak on our customer’s level. Let’s start letting use cases lead the conversation and communicating our work in a business context.

I know from experience that the companies who can communicate the business value of their offering rather than technological capabilities are the ones that will win the pitch.

How 4EI do it

Once again, hiring the right people makes all the difference. Having someone from outside of your market can be an essential communication tool. Whether that’s a product manager or a marketing manager – these ‘outsiders’ will have the ability to translate the jargon into an engaging, business-focused message.

When I started as Group MD at 4EI this was my primary focus. Our team is filled with people who are deeply invested in their work, but they come at it from a technical perspective because that’s their area of expertise. They were able to teach me our abilities and USPs, but I could then create the messaging that would resonate with external stakeholders.

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by Mariam Crichton

As Group Managing Director, Mariam provides organisational leadership as well as heading up the 4EI Product Innovation Hub.

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