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29th June 2021

Satellite imagery provides near-instant insight into more of the Earth. Without the need for mobile resources, we can regularly and affordably gain insights about regions that are challenging to access using in situ surveys. Satellite data, captured from optical or radar imagery, is being collected every day. It can be generated extremely quickly compared to traditional methods, and therefore can consistently provide more up-to-date insight.

Satellite imagery is the backbone to everything we do here at 4EI. Not only do we use it to derive our products and services, but we are also resellers for a variety of different vendors, allowing us to provide clients with some of the best imagery, anywhere in the world. We work closely with our vendors, all with unique capabilities and data sources, to provide customers with the best solution to their needs, in line with the latest market offerings. 

As an authorised and agnostic reseller, we can provide our clients with unbiased advice on the optimum imagery for your specific use case and budget. We work by asking you a simple set of questions to understand your aims, objectives and budgets whilst removing complicated jargon, and communicating the process to clients in an easily digestible format. 

We help organisations collect, analyse and apply satellite imagery data globally to inform their business projects and evidence their activities. Our experienced and dedicated free to access technical consultants are world-renowned experts in simplifying the buying and licensing process for you. At 4EI we are trained in working with a variety of different customers from highly technical experts to people who have never worked with satellite imagery before – so please don’t let the complicated process put you off and get in touch. If you aren’t sure what you need, we can help.

Our Vendors

There are different types of imagery that can be collected, each with different characteristics that are suited to different applications. This article provides you with information on the different satellite imagery vendors we have access to, the regions where we can sell you data and highlights some of the best applications for each vendor’s imagery.


Since the launch of its first satellite in 1986 Airbus has built up an extensive archive of satellite imagery. With unique access to both optical and radar imagery, Airbus has a comprehensive portfolio of satellite imagery, data, and related services.

The detailed nature of Airbus imagery makes it a valuable resource for Coastal applications, vegetation monitoring, and construction planning. Airbus now offers 30cm resolution imagery (commercially available est Q4 2021) which can provide high-level insight for development planning, environmental consultants and civil engineers. 

Spot 7 imagery over Fiji highlights the extent and locations of reefs surrounding the islands. 

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Planet provides an easily analysed optical solution for identifying change detection. Due to an increasing number of satellites in orbit, Planet’s satellite constellation now provides the highest frequency of repeatable imagery capture on the market. Their satellite revisit period provides near-global images of the same location on a daily basis, making it invaluable for change detection.

Planet’s quick revist periods and repeatability allows you to consistently monitor the same location and detect change. This can be used to understand the impacts of disaster quickly with before-and-after imagery allowing the deployment of the right resources in the right locations and to anticipate market effects and investment impact caused by disasters using imagery as evidence. The use of change detection imagery can also help the construction industry plan infrastructure, oversee project development, and understand the potential environmental impact of developments. 

PlanetScope imagery over the same location near Windsor, New South Wales, Australia highlights the extent of a recent flooding episode around Hawkesbury River. Before image(left): 4th March 2021, after image (right): 24th March 2021.

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Capella offers flexible solutions that can capture change in all weather, 24/7, allowing consistent guaranteed data collection on a daily basis, which is ideal for detecting change. Capella’s rapid Very High Resolution (VHR) SAR imagery allows organisations to quickly visualize and alert team members, enabling fast critical thinking and problem-solving when you need it most.

The nature of Capellas VHR SAR imagery makes it ideally suited for detecting and distinguishing between objects, (such as different types of ships, planes and vehicles) and capturing large, small and barely perceptible changes that occur every day in your Areas of Interest. The ability to acquire images through clouds, day and night, is particularly useful for:

  • detecting illegally moving ships that don’t have their AIS (Automatic Identification System) switched on 
  • Monitoring and planning emergency or natural disaster situations. Imagery can be rapidly delivered to provide visibility during events such as volcanic eruptions or hurricanes

Image over the island of Saint Vincent shows the St Vincent La Soufriere volcano after it erupted on the 9th April 2021. SAR satellites see through miles of ash/smoke plumes to capture an image of the collapsed crater. 

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GHGsat satellites detect, monitor and measure greenhouse gas emissions which is key for industries seeking to decarbonize their activities. Their satellites frequently capture data provides you with year-round emissions intelligence, anywhere in the world.

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Our Process

We are sensor agnostic, and we will suggest the right imagery for you but we will not push you toward a certain provider. Come and talk to our technical consultants about your end goal/use for the imagery you require, and we can work with you to advise you on your best options based on your needs and budget and how to process that Imagery. 

We have customers coming to us at all technical levels, we are trained to deal with all technical levels so don’t worry about your technical ability, we will guide you through the process as much or as little as you need at no additional cost. 

Using our substantial experience in remote sensing, we can also provide you with pricing to process the imagery ourselves and provide you with additional intelligence for key applications.

Check out our satellite Imagery page for more information, or If you are ready and know your requirements please feel free to fill out our satellite imagery inquiry form and one of our technical consultants will be in touch ASAP

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