Earth Intelligence: The Future of Sustainable Data Insights

5th March 2021

The nature of our world is inescapably dynamic. Not only are environments constantly evolving, due to both human and natural activities, but their variations directly impact social and societal behaviours. As the effects of human activity on our world become increasingly pronounced, the need to understand the diverse data sources around us and how they’re changing is more necessary than ever.

Earth Intelligence empowers organisations to understand these changes so they can confidently monitor their assets and understand the impacts of their actions.

Using advanced techniques, such as remote sensing or satellite image mapping, users can access previously unattainable evidence about the earth and what it contains. This fuels the ability for organisations within a range of sectors to answer important questions that support the study, evaluation, protection and development of their assets.

Powered by space, Earth Intelligence uncovers granular data about critical activities across the globe – from urban growth to agricultural variation to energy usage. Equipped with the right intelligence, organisations can make more appropriate decisions that benefit their business, the population, and the environment.

The growing necessity of Earth Intelligence

The need for Earth Intelligence has become exceptionally prevalent in recent years, as an innovative method of gaining evidenced intelligence about global geographies for commercial, environmental, and civil application.

Key Earth Intelligence drivers:


The technologies that power Earth Intelligence have been improving year on year, introducing impressive developments in resolution, accuracy, detail, scope, and range. There are larger amounts and a greater variety of imagery available than ever before, supporting a wider range of needs and specifications.

Organisations can now harness an abundance of high-resolution imagery using the latest and most advanced capabilities to help solve diverse challenges more efficiently.

Climate change

Climate change is a rising issue, affecting everything from organisational governance to agricultural practices and environmental protection standards. Organisations are now expected to consider the sustainability of their actions on the earth. Remote sensing and Earth Observation allow organisations to monitor and understand the impacts of climate change on a global scale, so they can inform their activities accordingly.

Remote working

Covid-19 has disrupted how people work in terms of delivery, application and results. In many situations, companies are no longer able to deploy equipment and staff on-location to gain survey results.

Earth Intelligence provides high quality results completely remotely, using alternative techniques and methods. This not only facilitates new standards of working but is also a carbon neutral and reduced-risk approach to monitoring and intelligence gathering.

Championing Applied Earth Intelligence

All this being said, data can be meaningless without added intelligence.

Earth Intelligence utilises sophisticated data techniques and hundreds of satellites – each with different characteristics tailored to different purposes. That’s why it’s necessary to interpret the results in the context of specific applications and business needs.

4EI’s mission is to transform the way organisations obtain value through geospatial analytics intelligence. We champion Applied Earth Intelligence, translating Earth Intelligence into actionable insight and attainable solutions for multiple sectors and markets. By combining space assets with expert perspective, we curate custom data solutions that empower the betterment of humans and the planet.

4EI incorporate the following principles into our product delivery and consultancy to ensure clients receive the greatest value from their data solution:

Applied intelligence

We value simplicity for effective communication. We aim to bridge the gap between technical information and business insight, taking complex data and making it commercially attainable.

That’s why we don’t just deliver data; we analyse, aggregate, and unify the most significant data for your needs to deliver intelligence that directly supports business applications.

Transparent advice

We provide authentic, transparent advice – filtering out the noise to give you clarity in data. Our experience and technical expertise allow us to explain your data options and advise on what will best serve you to meet the challenge in question, without bias.

Multifaceted Expertise

4EI is diverse in our offering, team, and knowledge. Our services span across the geospatial spectrum, from satellite imagery to software development and mobile applications. We bring together our wide range of skills and expertise to adapt to many different markets and approach innovation with confidence. Supported by robust scientific backgrounds, our team understands the importance of quality, accuracy, and efficiency in the delivery of every project.

End-to-end delivery

4EI provide end-to-end earth intelligence services including data solutions, product development, project management, technical consultancy and geospatial expertise. We work closely with clients to understand the challenge at hand and deliver exceptional technical bids to provide complete clarity of how our solution can help.

Whatever stage of service clients need, we promise to push the boundaries to create a solution that improves their knowledge and helps them achieve key objectives.

Trusted Relationships

We have a strong track record of delivering proven projects with reliability and professionalism. Our extensive resource and knowledge allow us to build critical solutions at scale.

With every project we aim to develop trusting, personal relationships with clients. By working closely and collaboratively with client teams, we can better deliver to their exact specifications and reassure them that they’re working with a safe pair of hands.

4EI continue to prioritise strong inter-team and client relationships, in the midst of remote working conditions and the increased use of digital communication.

Environmental and Social Impact

4EI believe that environmental impact is inherently entwined with social impact. That’s why we advocate the use of applied earth intelligence for sustainability and long-term change, in both corporate and environmental domains.

Our intelligence services enable organisations to balance their business processes with their external effects and support strategies that unify both business success and environmental protection.

Monitoring the Earth and its environments therefore equips us with the irrefutable knowledge needed to positively shape our actions, evidence sustainable standards, and minimise our harmful effects.

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by David Critchley

David is the Founder and CEO of 4EI. With extensive experience in geospatial and space projects throughout the MENA region, David heads up the new business activities and is closely involved in shaping commercial projects.

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