How 4EI are embodying Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

31st August 2021

4EI use space data for the betterment of humans and the planet

The Sustainable Development Goals may have been put forth to the member states of the UN, but the responsibility lies with organisations and individuals to adopt and action these targets as much as it does with our governments.

4EI was established with the ambition to better the planet and benefit its people. At company level, we achieve this by providing satellite-powered solutions that support sustainability, innovative development, and the progress of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

At a human level, we want to live these values out every day – in the workplace and at home. We believe that bettering the planet and people’s live starts with the individual. In this sense, our company focus extends beyond what we do, into what we believe in as a team.

From environmental sustainability to diversity and equality, we aim to integrate important social goals into our workplace culture and operations. We aim to embody them as people and as professional partners.

“I think the SDGs are great indicators of how we can direct our focus when aiming to be more socially and environmentally responsible. In my personal life I try to incorporate these goals through actions such as having a renewable energy supplier, using non-toxic cleaning products, and buying plastic free groceries.” – Laura Murgia, Green Team Representative

Over the past few years, this ambition has really taken root and is increasingly driving how we run our business, for our clients, our partners and our staff.

Our evolving approach to SDGs

We’re very proud to say that everyone within 4EI is driven to adopt better policies, practices and procedures. In a short time, we’ve experienced high growth and it’s important that no matter our size we continue to exude positive social change and inclusive culture. This desire is highlighted in our company values – particularly the messages underpinning diversity, authenticity, and exceptional – and accurately represents how we believe in what we do and believe in fulfilling this every day.

From operations to the workplace dynamic, we’ve been taking tangible steps to incorporate SDGs into our organisation.

At all levels, our team is committed to making a positive environmental impact from the suppliers we work with and the solutions we deliver. Representing this progress, we have just achieved ISO 14001 certification, outlining international standards for effective environmental management systems (EMS). This is an approach we want to keep building upon – challenging ourselves to keep growing and leading by example for sustainability.

In a similar vein, we are working towards becoming a certified BCorp. With our application in review, we’re excited to use this accreditation to evidence and further drive our commercial, social, and environmental goals towards sustainability and push ourselves to align with an increasing number of SDGs.

To lead this development, we’ve brought together various stakeholders from across the organisation, representing different departments and people, to form a ‘Green Team’. This team leads our sustainable development, focusing on how we can tackle environmental impact and collaborating with the rest of the company to champion this approach.

“I am proud to be part of a company that is taking their environmental impact seriously. As part of the Green Team I am always trying to reduce our energy consumption and the waste we produce.” – Amy Howard, Green Team Representative

Now, especially as we’re returning to the office, we’re thinking of new ways we can adopt innovative environmental thinking and ensure a sustainable team culture. We are not only encouraging our internal community to live out our core values, vision and mission, we are supporting everyone to put this into action – understanding that even the smallest changes matter.

These steps are just a start. We understand there’s so much more to be done, and so much more that can be done. We want to deepen our commitment to diversity, sustainability, culture, and many other SDG and ESG related goals as we continue to grow.

“The 4EI Green Team is focused on incorporating the SDGs in our business practice, and I find it encouraging that we are making changes and reflecting on how we can continually improve to act in a responsible manner. I believe that individual action makes a difference, but I think when businesses adopt this attitude of change, the actions and the statement it makes to our partners and stakeholders has a significant impact.” – Laura Murgia, Green Team Representative

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Our company mission continues to motivate us – and in future we hope that it will influence our project work, our clients, our team, and our overall development as we continue to grow. From diversity and culture to environmental sustainability, we truly are committed to using our passion and our skills to achieve better progress.

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by 4EI

4EI provide Applied Earth Intelligence and analytics. We gather evidence-based intelligence about the earth, using data collected through sophisticated space assets.

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