Accessing timely and transparent data to understand Earth’s complexities

Organisations such as government institutions, engineering consultants and defence departments are increasingly reliant on actionable insight. 4EI apply Earth Intelligence to help these organisations effectively monitor their global assets, analyse the impacts of change, and mitigate both environmental and asset risk.

4EI use space data to empower organisations, providing them with a greater understanding of the interactions between natural and man-made actors in order to help them protect our environments and champion more sustainable, more evidenced business development.

We can monitor any corner of the Earth – even those inaccessible on the ground – at whatever scale, level of detail or time period you need to support your project’s success. Whether you need to gather automated intelligence about object detection, or map heat levels in a targeted city, or monitor vulnerable habitats, we have the expertise to help you collect the right data and extract actionable insights.

Our markets

  • Environment


    Balance business development with environmental sustainability

  • Engineering


    Gain confidence in your assets and support sustainable construction

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