Why Earth Intelligence?

The planning phase of large infrastructure projects, and environmental impact assessments in particular, poses a challenge to engineering companies. Organisations need to monitor and evidence many moving parts during the progress of complex construction, balancing internal goals with external effects, as well as meeting standards and regulations.

Earth Intelligence provides an accessible method of gaining credible, applicable and specific evidence to help organisations guide their engineering activities and meet requirements from all sources.

4EI for Engineering

4EI provides a remote solution that avoids any environmental impact, unlike an in-situ solution. Our in-depth modelling of sustainability impacts for a wide range of clients, and our extensive experience in civil and infrastructure planning, make us expert partners for engineering consultancies.

We are not just a team of geographers like you might get at other geospatial companies; many of us come from engineering backgrounds, meaning we speak your language and have the hands-on experience to fully understand our clients.

Whether a project concerns the planning of a new port, excavations for new roads, or infrastructure and urban design proposals for major construction developments, 4EI supports engineering partners to evidence their processes, their progress and their outcomes. Our specialties can be subcontracted to work with your existing GIS or Earth Observation/remote sensing teams, or we can fill the knowledge gap ourselves.

Contact us to find out how satellite data and derived data products can help you win your projects on spec, in a timely and cost-effective manner. We will respond to your request within one working day and can provide you with a proposal within five working days. We offer quality plans and project reporting with exceptional project management – in fact, there is a strict project management process in place for both PMPs and QMPs. We can work to both the Prince 2 and PNP process, and are ISO 9001 and 14001 registered.

Our offering

We provide Earth Intelligence and reconnaissance information that feeds into a range of engineering projects to inform strategic decision making. We provide the data, intelligence, risk and sustainability information to underpin the planning and success of infrastructure projects. Our consultancy services and data products can be used in the development, monitoring and management stages for large-scale infrastructure developments, such as coastal port construction, rig positioning, wind farm planning, commercial developments and much more.

We can provide a range of capabilities to support site and location planning, as well as adherence to sustainable development targets, compliance standards and other KPIs. Our team is experienced in topographic mapping, Bathymetric mapping, Digital Terrain Models, marine and terrestrial habitat mapping, as well as environmental impact forecasting and data analysis.

4EI’s solutions work remotely, not in-situ, enabling us to cover large geographic areas, creating a comprehensive data set in a short period of time. Our access to archived data and mapping means we can look at historical landscape information from as far back as 1984.

Our consultancy services can be employed during all phases of project development. We offer a variety of services, from advanced planning, to monitoring the evolution of development, to retrospective analysis – and this attention doesn’t end once your construction phase is complete; our teams can continue to monitor your site for you and keep you up to date with new emerging technologies within the field, ensuring all your solutions are continuously cutting-edge.

Our solutions

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Our partners

Our CV is built on trust and close relationships with our client base around the globe. Previous clients range across the Middle East, the UK and the US, including AECOM, Buro Happold, WSP and Jacobs Engineering Group.

We have provided bespoke impact assessments, environmental analytics and a range of environmental solutions to companies and agencies wanting to demonstrate environmental accountability and gather data to support sustainable development.

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