Why Earth Intelligence?

Monitoring the impact of human activities on environmental assets is more important than ever. With rapidly expanding urban areas and infrastructures around the globe, the need to balance development with the creation of protected areas is paramount. Keeping a watch on this is a complex task that requires expertise and a sophisticated integration of historical and current data on air, water, soil and habitat change over time.

Effective environmental Earth Intelligence draws on cutting-edge technology to yield observational data from a range of sources. Visualising an ecosystem helps stakeholders to understand what it is that is being protected. Once information has been gathered, expertise is required to turn data into understandable insight and actionable information. This ensures environmental risks and protective measures can be accurately quantified and forecasted.

4EI for Environment

Our remote satellite data-gathering capability, particularly in inaccessible, harsh and difficult to access or dangerous environments, offers a financial and health and safety advantage to our clients when compared with the cost, time and risk involved in on-the-ground environmental monitoring.

Increasingly, large organisations, such as governments, municipalities, government environment agencies, port authorities and engineering consultants, have KPIs around environmental impact and sustainability, but often even when they have met the criteria, it’s difficult to evidence the positive changes they have made. At 4EI, we can help bridge this data gap and deliver transparency and credibility against your activity.

Our offering

We have considerable experience in supporting environmental agencies, commercial organisations and engineering consultancies to show behavioural change through Earth Intelligence. Our abilities range from mapping reductions in carbon emissions, to demonstrating conservation-conscious behaviour and progress, to forecasting future environmental risks facing clients.This ensures our customers can better plan for the future, putting a value on natural assets and protecting the environments and ecosystems they work within for future generations.

Our services can be employed for soil monitoring, land use/land cover classification, terrestrial and marine habitat mapping, ecotourism and forestry. All of these options can be tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs and delivered via a streamlined, cost-effective approach that enables quick coverage over large areas.

Our team is built from specialised environmental personnel and remote sensing geographers. We have the skills to locate, identify and investigate the size and health of a variety of different species based on satellite imagery, using our in-house developed algorithms. We help co-create innovative R&D projects, rising and adapting to the challenges set to us by government agencies with the help of satellite-derived solutions.

We work with you to understand your needs and technical requirements, which we are able to meet due to our vast amount of experience, credible client base (past clients include EAD, AECOM, Supermajors), and in-house developed algorithms.

Our solutions

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Our partners

4EI have worked with government agencies across the Middle East, in particular with the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi and with local government in the UK, as well as with oil and gas and engineering companies such as WSP, Jacobs, AECOM and Bruno Happold. We have provided bespoke environmental research, baselining, environmental analytics and a range of environmental solutions to companies and agencies wanting to demonstrate environmental accountability and gather data to support sustainable development.