4EI are leaders in Earth Intelligence innovation

4EI have an innovation hub for product creation powered by our vision of using space data for the betterment of humans and the planet through the delivery of Applied Earth Intelligence. Our mission is to transform both space and geospatial domains by developing innovative products to make satellite-derived data and actionable insights more readily accessible.

Led by an innovative company ethos, we strive to utilise our diverse knowledge and to discover unique solutions in order to solve our customers’ real-world problems. We use a practised innovation methodology to create products that truly add value to everyday processes for a variety of sectors. With data accessibility at our core, we prioritise the need for our products to simplify complex information and communicate this information in an easy-to-consume way that works for your use case.

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Our capabilities

4EI are a leading Earth Intelligence company, with strong roots in the geospatial and Earth Observation fields. We combine customer-led product development with deep expertise in Earth Observation, remote sensing and geospatial technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

We are experts in developing Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, digital software and geographic information systems (GIS), combining this expertise with leading product development best practice to deliver commercial, market-ready products. Our extensive satellite data resources and agnostic relationships with vendors allow us to provide extremely comprehensive and applicable products for every sector.

Our capabilities

Discovery, definition and development

4EI follow a best-practice innovation process to ensure we develop products that are completely aligned with our customers’ goals. We have refined this process over decades of experience to combine the best of technical expertise, creative innovation and structured delivery.

Primarily, our innovation work is user-led, not technology-led. We work with our customers to build products that are customer-focused and directly applicable to their real-world use cases.

That’s why, underpinning every stage of our methodology, is collaboration. We will guide you through a discovery process to ensure that we deeply understand your problem and objectives. Using these learnings, we move into the definition stage, where we outline a proposed solution to ensure it meets your requirements and expectations prior to development. This helps to guarantee that together we achieve the optimal end solution.