Sustainable Finance

Financial Services firms and companies need comprehensive, specific, granular and consistent ESG data to meet their needs. In many cases this data contains significant gaps which can include specific geographies, sectors and smaller company information. There is a high reliance on modelled data to fill these gaps. The growing demand for accurate ESG data (including biodiversity) will only increase as regulators extend disclosure requirements, investors need greater clarity to make their assessments and companies, and consumers alike, need to understand their impacts.

In an ideal world firms would receive the insights that they require based on real, consistent, granular data which is:

  • High quality, objective, independent and verifiable
  • Updated regularly (and can be used for change monitoring)
  • Comprehensive, providing large scale, country level coverage, anywhere in the world

Earth Observation and ESG data

Earth Observation is unique in its ability to capture this data at the scale required and to persistently monitor for changes, with satellites passing overhead on a regular basis. This enables regular monitoring of deforestation, unauthorised development, fugitive emissions or changes to soil composition or air quality to name a few examples.

4EI are proven experts in utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to extract decision ready ESG metrics and insights from the vast amounts of space data that is now available, with more satellites in orbit monitoring the earth than ever before.

This can be used for a wide and diverse range of use cases from independently monitoring site level emissions, mapping dependencies and impacts upon Natural Capital, through to assessing portfolio level physical risk exposure.

Using the latest in satellite technology, we can help you to independently monitor and evaluate assets of any scale, from individual buildings, facilities, farms or plantations, through to large scale Nature Based Solutions projects and Natural Capital Accounts.

Whether you require more granular data to support your corporate reporting requirements or need a global view of your portfolio’s risk exposure, 4EI have decades of Earth Observation experience to help you.

Help us develop ESG products

We are currently developing an innovative ESG product line in collaboration with industry leaders from across the finance sectors. If you would like to be part of this exciting journey, we are always on the lookout for collaborators.

From transitional and physical climate risk, to natural capital and biodiversity assessment, we’ll uncover real-time and historical data that directly informs your understanding of environmental impact, asset risk and future financial return. Get in touch to find out more.