Building a more sustainable business model

As awareness of the human impact on nature and climate change increases, the integration of environmentally and socially responsible decisions into operational, financial and strategic business models is becoming a cornerstone of regulatory compliance and corporate investment.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is an increasingly integral regulatory pillar in the business and finance sectors, particularly in the UK where Task Force on Climate-related Finacial Disclosure (TCFD) aligned reporting is mandatory for large companies. Climate risk is financial risk, meaning that great importance is placed on the environmental sustainability and the societal impact of an organisation’s actions, assets and investments, alongside its financial performance.

Natural capital refers to the world’s stocks of natural assets, including all living creatures, geology, soil, water and the air we breathe. It is from this natural capital that humans derive a range of “ecosystem services” which make human life possible. As with financial capital, if we spend too much natural capital we build up a debt that must be paid back. If natural capital is not allowed to recover, there is a systemic risk of ecosystem collapse, making natural capital not only an ecological liability but a social and economic liability too.

To monitor and evaluate natural capital and ESG factors for application in investment reporting, risk assessments and asset management, reliable, objective and timely data is required. Satellite-based remote sensing provides the optimal solution to this problem, allowing near real-time monitoring of assets alongside detailed change detection and trend analysis.

4EI are committed to delivering space data for the betterment of humans and the planet. Through the development of innovative ESG and climate risk monitoring, evaluation and data products, we aim to help organisations tackle climate change issues and achieve compliance with sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Earth Observation and ESG

Using the latest in satellite technology, we can help you to monitor and evaluate assets of any scale, from individual buildings through to the natural capital of an entire country. This can be applied anywhere on the globe to inform decision making and give direct visibility around ESG. We can provide actionable insights at near real-time, at any time of day, in any weather, all from Earth Observation satellites. The insights derived from Earth Observation data are objective, independent and repeatable, providing valuable benchmark data alongside change detection and monitoring.

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We are currently developing an innovative ESG product line in collaboration with industry leaders from across the finance sectors. If you would like to be part of this exciting journey, we are always on the lookout for collaborators.

From transitional and physical climate risk, to natural capital and biodiversity assessment, we’ll uncover real-time and historical data that directly informs your understanding of environmental impact, asset risk and future financial return. Get in touch to find out more.

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