Global image data without limits

Satellite imagery allows us to access insight into more of the Earth. Without the need for mobile resources, we can regularly and affordably gain insights about regions that are challenging to access using physical surveys.

We help organisations collect, analyse and apply satellite imagery data globally to inform their business projects or scientific studies, and evidence their activities. Our experienced and dedicated consultants provide free, unbiased advice and have access to some of the best imagery in the world. Our sensor agnostic approach allows us to decipher the market for our clients and identify the best satellite options for any size and resolution required.

Our satellite imagery experts simplify the buying process for our clients. We stay up to date with all new expanding satellite technologies to provide our clients with the best technology available for their needs and budgets.

What is satellite data?

Satellite data, based on imagery, is being collected every day. It can be generated extremely quickly compared to traditional methods, and therefore can consistently provide more up-to-date insight.

There are many types of imagery that can be collected, each with different characteristics that are suited to different applications. Some key factors to consider that may affect the use case of imagery include:

  • Location accuracy
  • Detail of the image (image resolution)
  • Date collected
  • Current or archive
  • Frequency of collection

There are other key factors to consider when understanding the type of imagery you will require (such as the amount of spectral bands, or passive or active imagery) which our team will guide you through, explaining what you need based on your requirements.

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How we work

We can locate images covering specific areas of interest and deliver these in the right format for your application requirements.

If you aren’t sure what you need, we can help. Our expert remote sensing technicians are specialists in simplifying the imagery process, providing you with the most cost-effective imagery for your specific needs and requirements. We will work closely with you to work up your best specification options, in line with your priorities and needs in a cost-effective manner, making a confusing and difficult process easy to navigate. Whatever your challenge or enquiry, we’ll work closely with you to achieve your desired project outcome or KPIs and guide you to a solution.

We can understand what’s in your budget, what kind of image you need, and how that image should be collected and delivered based on the application. For example, if you need an image not affected by light or cloud, we’ll recommend using an alternative solution that differs from traditional imagery, such as Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).

Drawing on our remote sensing, GIS and analytics expertise, we provide value-added intelligence services to compliment the provision of commercial imagery – deriving information from the imagery, such as mapping, data analytics and translating data into applicable insight.

Partners & projects

4EI work with some of the global leading and most innovative governmental, commercial and scientific organisations, supplying satellite image solutions from a wide range of vendors.

We work closely with vendors, all with unique capabilities and data sources, to provide customers with the best solution to their needs, in line with the latest market offerings. 4EI encourage collaboration, and are thus open to expanding our vendor range. Contact us to find out more about vendor partnerships.

Our current vendors include:

  • Airbus


    Contact us to explore the extensive range of the Airbus satellite product suite for accurate, flexible and detailed solutions, including elevation information and data subscription options.

  • Planet Labs

    Planet Labs

    Planet offers a near daily global collection from hundreds of satellites, and flexibility in offering the customers a rapid and effective tool for monitoring change. Get in touch to find out which solution could fit your purpose.

  • Capella Space

    Capella Space

    Capella provide SAR imagery capable of achieving 50cm resolution day and night, and during cloudy conditions. If it's change detection you're looking for, Capella offers flexible solutions that can capture change regardless of time of day or atmospheric interference, such as dust or cloud cover.

  • GHGsat


    GHGsat satellites detect, monitor and measure greenhouse gas emissions which is key for industries seeking to decarbonize their activities. Their satellites frequently capture data provides you with year-round emissions intelligence, anywhere in the world.

Experts in the field, 4EI also work with other open-source vendors where the solution fits

4EI will work closely with you to find what imagery solution works best for your requirements, and any of our vendor options can be used to create bespoke solutions tailored to your project requirements.

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