Satellite User Guide

What is Remote Sensing?

Remote sensing is the process of monitoring and detecting the physical characteristics of an area by measuring its reflected and emitted radiation at a distance from the targeted area. 4EI specializes in remote sensing using earth observation (EO) satellites.


EO satellites detect and record the radiation reflected or emitted from the surface of the earth. Remotely sensed images of the earth have many applications. 4EI has direct project experience in applying remote sensing to numerous end uses. These include:


  • Impact Assessments

  • City Planning

  • Media and Gaming Visualization

  • Oil Spill Response

  • Seafloor Mapping

  • Vegetation Monitoring and Assessment

  • Natural Disasters Assessments

  • Engineering

  • Identifying and Analyzing Archaeological Sites

About the Satellites we use

To assist our customers and end-users, the following guide below provides information regarding the satellites that we have utilized and applied through our numerous and varied project history.

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