Sector-specific Earth Intelligence powered by space technology

Organisations such as government institutions, engineering consultants and defence departments are increasingly reliant on actionable insight. A project’s success is determined by the timeliness, relevance and accuracy of the data available and the tools used to gather insight. Therefore, decision makers need access to high-quality, purpose-driven and customisable datasets in order to stay informed within an ever-changing world.

We’ve created a selection of tailored data solutions, shaped by customer needs and real-world applications, for a range of critical sectors. We have access to satellite imagery across the entire Earth, meaning we can deliver data for every domain – from land or sea, past or present. With our solutions, customers can be sure they’re getting data capabilities that are truly fit-for-purpose and help them solve key problems their sector is facing.

Our key solutions follow a tried and tested methodology for different asset types in different sectors: