4EI Environment

Cost-effective, impactful harnessing of environmental data and environmental impact monitoring is a prominent challenge that many commercial companies, from oil and gas to construction and government agencies, need to consider. As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified organisation, 4EI provide detailed analysis and intelligence about how natural landscapes and man-made assets change and interact.

By providing a detailed view of how these interconnected activities impact one another, we help organisations to develop sustainably and respond quickly to the evolving risks posed by climate change. From asset management to compliance to project development, we’ll deliver rapid and actionable evidence to guide your advancement.

Government agencies can harness our trusted data to evaluate the effectiveness of their environmental protection policies, measure compliance and inform long-term, sustainable planning, such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Whatever your environmental goals or requirements, our smart solutions are designed to drive effective resource designation and rigorous situational awareness. All to empower more sustainable success.

Our Environment solutions

4EI can support organisations to understand and evaluate their impact on complex environments and ecosystems, how their natural assets are impacted, as well as the potential risk of environmental changes to their man-made assets. We combine technical and practical experience to deliver expert models alongside clear and actionable insights – helping your business and your assets become more climate resilient.

Our detailed data solutions give organisations the tools to effectively manage and protect their assets, evaluate their position against environmental goals, and create long-term business strategies. Our data can be used to inform and monitor strategic KPIs and policy creation, ensuring sustained fiscal growth as well as corporate compliance and ESG, TNFD, TCFD. We work with a variety of organisations to create our environmental solutions, including environmental agencies, engineering consultants, municipalities, national parks, the ecotourism industry and oil and gas supermajors.

Whether standalone or used in combination, 4EI offer customers a range of applicable data solutions for achieving more sustainable business models in the face of impactful environmental change. We create country-wide baseline datasets that go one step further and contribute to the worldwide asset register.

Habitat mapping

Using advanced image analysis techniques, we have helped map complex habitats, such as mangrove forests and waterways. Detailed habitat mapping is useful for environmental baselining and can inform conservation planning. We have significant experience in delivering habitat mapping at a national scale, with tailored outcomes such as a conservation index, to help safeguard the environment in the future through sustainable business activity.

Environmental impact assessment

Our imagery assets span across both time and location, meaning we can assess impacts at specific points in the past (up to 1984), track change, or monitor the impact of a progressing project. This gives organisations greater accessibility to the business intelligence they need to manage developments sustainably and within regulations. We have delivered impact assessments across the Middle East at varying scales, for different sectors and different landscapes. From coastal impact assessments during the development of new cities and major tourist resorts, to local habitat impact assessments for asset monitoring.

Natural capital inventories

4EI create detailed natural capital inventories to support more informed natural asset management. We can detect and quantify natural features on the Earth’s surface – including soil, air, water and biodiversity – accurately mapping their state and presence. This allows organisations to use and protect their natural resources in a more sustainable, efficient and positive way.

Carbon absorption modelling

Our team can accurately estimate carbon absorption capacity in a range of environmental settings. This data directly feeds into carbon models to inform the effectiveness of climate action plans and the evolution of carbon emission policies. Commercial businesses and government organisations alike can benefit from these models. Our accurate data allows them to reliably monitor their progress in reducing their carbon footprint and climate impact, supporting them to operate within individual, country-wide and international carbon budgets, such as the Paris Agreement.

Soil health monitoring

We are passionate about understanding soil health and, in pioneering work, have been using cutting-edge technology and creative satellite imagery techniques alongside drone surveys to study soil health and soil quality over time. We have integrated archival environmental soil data, identifying trends and patterns in soil quality and representing the changes spatially. We have worked with Zhuhai satellite data (Hyperspectral satellite) in the application of soil health monitoring.