4EI use space data for the betterment of humans and the planet

4EI provide Applied Earth Intelligence and analytics. We gather evidence-based intelligence about the earth, using data collected through sophisticated space assets.

We are experts in Earth Observation, GIS and remote sensing analytics, and are driven by innovation. Exploiting our scientific, software and analytics knowledge, we translate complex data and satellite imagery into understandable and actionable intelligence for a range of applications. Our Earth Observation techniques can be employed where fieldwork, drone or aerial imagery methods are not appropriate due to logistics or cost. We address data paucity, filling data asset gaps both geographically and Earth Observation specific.

We utilise the most cutting-edge space technology and a diverse range of data providers to provide clients with the best and most transparent intelligence solutions for their needs. Through the delivery of products, solutions and consultancy project management, we support organisations to make sustainable decisions for their business and the environment.


The accessibility, reliability and transparency of Earth Intelligence overcomes key data challenges in the Environmental, Engineering and Defence markets. 4EI help decision makers working in these sectors to efficiently gain the evidence-based intelligence they need to lead more successful and sustainable projects.

  • Environment


    Balance business development with environmental sustainability

  • Engineering


    Gain confidence in your assets and support sustainable construction



4EI’s strength of capabilities makes us leaders in the geospatial and data intelligence market. We have decades of experience using sophisticated and trusted techniques, combined with a continuous focus on innovation and development. With a diverse set of knowledge and expertise, our team always delivers the highest-quality and most solution-focused capabilities, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), software development, geospatial mapping and environmental analytics.



4EI’s products deliver Applied Earth Intelligence based on purpose-selected satellite imagery. We provide both off-the-shelf product packages, verified by real-world application, as well as bespoke data products through our innovation hub. We take a best-practice approach to all forms of product development and delivery, putting customer needs before all else.