Why Earth Intelligence?

Defence, security and intelligence organisations need to analyse large amounts of data to gain definitive intelligence during mission scenarios. Uncovering trusted information exactly when you need it is vital not only for approaching complex, dynamic threats, but also for ensuring the safety and security of entire populations across the globe.

In the face of ever-evolving landscapes, it’s even more necessary that key decision-makers can access reliable, targeted, and understandable insight that directly applies to their applications and their actions. To support the most time-sensitive and critical situations, asset monitoring, country-specific intelligence and object detection capabilities need to be performed at scale and at speed.

4EI For Defence and Intelligence

4EI provide accessible data solutions that deliver understandable and unbiased information more efficiently than ever. Using GEOINT techniques and detailed analysis, as well as drawing on our robust digital and software expertise, we can help you consistently gain superior mission intelligence about changing environments within a range of defence or security applications.

From in-depth mission support, to the automation of data processing using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, our space-powered data allows you to enhance your intelligence and get more value from both your data and human resources.

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We exploit multiple types of structured and unstructured datasets, imagery sources and GEOINT capabilities to provide a comprehensive picture of important mission, asset or location details. Our experts have a strong technical background in software development, GIS, remote sensing and more, allowing us to deliver end-to-end intelligence solutions and support – including object detection, data fusion and digital consultancy.

We help transform your data analysis process, to improve efficiency through automation, ease the resource burden for your analysts and make robust data intelligence more accessible.

By translating large amounts of complex data, we break down skill barriers and generate decision-ready insight at scale and with ease. With 4EI, defence organisations can significantly shorten their time to analysis and intelligence, ensuring that key players have access to the right information, when they need it.

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We have provided bespoke research, project delivery and products to empower greater surveillance, situational awareness and data analysis efficiency to organisations across the globe.

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