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GEOINT is a continually growing field, with increasing relevance for the evolving defence landscape. Faced with complex and rapidly developing challenges every day, the status of which have critical implications for the security of populations and nations, it’s necessary that these organisations within defence have access to fast, trustworthy and sophisticated intelligence resources.

4EI work with security, defence and intelligence clients to deliver the most up-to-date and cutting-edge data capabilities that enable them to meet strategic challenges and manage their complex, constantly changing datasets.

We can help organisations solve even their most ground-breaking problems with access to innovative technologies and continually developing capability, solution and product sets – all backed by applied experience. In addition, for specialised projects, we have the technical expertise to develop new products or unique capabilities in alignment with customer requirements, so they always have the tools they need to approach new projects.

Our solutions

From country-wide risk assessment, to asset monitoring and automated change detection feeds, to digital platform development and training, we help defence groups advance their data analysis capabilities through satellite data, and streamline their processes to create more detailed and applicable mission intelligence.

4EI help defence organisations to digitise and automate their analogue data analysis process for more accessible and mission-ready intelligence. Our delivery techniques enable us to translate complex information into understandable insights, while still maintaining the crucial detail and situational context that is necessary during mission planning stages and strategic resource deployment, as well as active mission support.

Using modern satellite data sources and imagery analysis, we’ll help you harness the growing number of available Earth imagery sources to detect, identify, classify and analyse important geospatial information to inform targeted action.

Data fusion

With 4EI, you can limitlessly explore data to achieve diverse intelligence. Our data fusion techniques bring together multiple types of data sources, such as electro-optical images, SAR data and GIS information, creating more reliable and unified outputs for an all-inclusive view of the situation. As a company, we are completely vendor and data agnostic – focusing on identifying and delivering the most appropriate data and using the most suitable techniques for your needs.

Technical and digital expertise

4EI provide intelligence that goes beyond simple data points; we support more detailed content and data creation through GIS techniques, and produce layers of data – validated by imagery – for integrated situational understanding. We deliver your data within in-house developed software and mobile platforms that are supported by sophisticated algorithms and geospatial capabilities, from apps to geoportals, to present data in the appropriate format for your requirements.

Consultancy and training

We want you to get the most value from our Earth Intelligence solutions, and truly apply the insight gained to real-world situations. We offer GEOINT consultancy services to advise on best-practice processes and deliver strategic knowledge transfer. Our experts additionally provide beginner, intermediate and advanced training in GEOINT and digital capabilities to empower your teams to gain better intelligence – including GIS and imagery platform training, as well as model and algorithm detection training.

Digital expertise

Other capabilities include:

  • Imagery analysis
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Data fusion techniques
  • Training algorithms
  • Performing change analysis
  • Natural capital quantification from Land Use Land Cover
  • Statistical analytics from Python
  • Setting up a successful scaled workflow
  • Spatial database management

Our capabilities

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