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4EI are experts in providing marine mapping solutions and intelligence for a variety of clients, including environmental agencies, engineering companies and renewables companies.

Our vast expertise, developed with our credible client base, means we are able to work with you to understand your needs and technical requirements, enabling all our solutions to be tailored directly to the end user’s requirements.

With expertise in supporting sustainable development for companies operating in marine environments, we create value-added data and analysis to assist the production of impact assessments, benchmarking ongoing activity against historical baselines and updating impact regularly using advanced analytics tools.


4EI employ satellite-derived bathymetry mapping capabilities for shallow (<20m depth) and coastal waters and deep sea water. Our satellite-derived bathymetry (SDB) products can be applied to a variety of activities and incidents within the coastal zone, such as oil-spill management, oil and gas exploration, conservation and habitat monitoring and infrastructure engineering in coastal areas.

Examples of this include: mission planning, coral reef identification, port design, cable/pipe laying, hydrodynamic modelling, identifying rig positioning, wind farm construction and aquaculture.

Our bathymetric data allow the client to receive reliable, globally accessible information, without the need to put people on the ground. This process is borderless and reduces the need for expensive permits, and enables you to keep your workforce safe.

Marine habitat classification and benthic mapping

Our advanced satellite image analysis techniques and data-driven insight help organisations gather the information they need to identify, locate, monitor and quantify changes in the natural capital of marine assets. Complex marine environments, such as mangroves, coral reefs and seagrass (and macro algae), require complex impact and risk assessment techniques. Our products allow organisations to monitor blue economy activities and track carbon absorption.

4EI’s innovative analysis of satellite imagery also helps our clients to fill data gaps; it enables the creation of baseline monitoring information that will evidence and support the assessment of wider marine impacts, particularly with regard to fragile and sensitive ecosystems.

We offer a choice of classification, or can adapt local classification hierarchies, to create subsets of what we can identify from space, in line with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) classification guidelines. Our streamlined approach provides more cost-effective and quicker data coverage over large areas than traditional methods, and can even be rolled out country-wide.

We help companies to operate sustainably by providing data, impact assessments and impact projections to inform development strategies and operational practice that are both accountable and sustainable.

Environmental and climate impact baselining and ongoing assessment

Our environmental data analytics expertise helps us simplify the complexity of natural environments, providing insight on dynamic relationships between the natural environment and human activities. Satellite data can reveal the value of natural environments to native species, local communities and local economies; this provides our clients with the intelligence to inform future decisions and policies.

4EI’s environmental expertise helps the companies we work with demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, factoring in carbon budgeting and helping them to evidence and monitor the impact of their actions.

Sea level rise can also be tracked, allowing us to monitor the impacts of this phenomenon on critical infrastructure, the built environment and a variety of other global assets.

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